I often think of myself as an ageless photodog. I am never quite sure exactly what this means, but I like how it sounds and am now quite certain that this phrase pretty much describes me.

I have been fortunate to have had several careers in and around the arts (museum curator, gallery director, television writer, etc.) before my life in photography came clearly into focus. As the Dead once sang, "...what a long, strange trip its been." 

My first portfolio was published by Photo District News (PDN) in October of 2003. I had a successful one person exhibition at the Bel Air Camera Gallery in May of 2004. Since then I have been the Los Angeles group shows "Focus on Aids" (2005, 2007, 2009) and "Art Seen" (2005, 2008) and in a number of private salons in Los Angeles.  Since then, and until now, I have shied away from exhibitions, concentrating instead on creating images rather than on selling or showing them.  I am again ready to stick my neck  out...

For me, photography and a life in photography, continues to be about process and dialogue. 

I invite you to contact me, either to comment on my images or to purchase them if you are so moved. 

Thanks for reading (and viewing).

Mark Richard Ross, 2019